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January 26, 2023

Join dancer and choreographer Arianna Davis, best known for her recent appearance on Lizzo's "Watch Out For the Big Grrrls" and as a dancer on Lizzo's recent world tour. Get ready to hit the stage for a full-out feel-yourself dance session! You'll be moving and grooving with Davis as she leads you through this 30-minute beginner hip-hop dance cardio workout joined by Poofy Moffitino and Paris Nicole. If this is your first time dancing, you are in the right place! Davis takes it nice and slow as she drills the moves with you. If you don’t get it the first time, don’t fret: you’ll be sure to get it by the end of this video.

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Find more from the dancers on their Instagrams:
Moffitino: instagram.com/itspoofy/
Nicole: instagram.com/theparis_nicole/

Davis’s outfit:
Pants: Nike
Shrug: Finesse

Moffitino’s outfit:
Shrug: ASOS
Shorts: Urban Revivo

Nicole’s outfit:
Bra: Alo Yoga
Pants: ASOS

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