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August 2, 2022

Welcome to Class Fitsugar’s newest season! We’re back in the studio, and the new trainer Natalie White will be leading you through a 30-minute HIIT cardio workout, joined by Paulyn Baens and Maya Davis. In this routine, you’ll get started with a couple of jogs, lunges, squats, hamstring stretches, speed skaters, and so much more! This high-energy session will activate your entire body and get you sweating. It’s completely bodyweight with plenty of advancements and modifications, so it’s ideal for any skill level.

White is a professional dancer, world traveler, and NASM-certified trainer who brings fun — and her British humor — to every workout. Her high-energy workout style will help you perfect your form and push yourself to the max.

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White’s outfit: Jolyn
Shoes: APL

Baens’s outfit: Uniqlo
Shoes: APL

Davis’s outfit: Uniqlo
Shoes: APL

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