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April 3, 2022

Agree or disagree? Headphones in = don’t talk to. 🙄🎧


Apparently gym bros don’t speak that universal language, so, like with all problems We encounter - We felt like it was MY DUTY to solve this once and for all!

It’s been 72 months of VIGOROUS research, development, testing, and patenting - but finally guys, IT IS READY!!!

Taking the love affair with unitards and the need to stay incognito at the gym, We present to you:


Honestly, We think it’s the greatest invention I’ve ever contributed to the world. We could die tomorrow knowing We accomplished the ONE THING We was put on this earth to do.

In all of the tests we put it through, the Incognitard™ by POPFLEX was 100 % gym bro repellent!!! Like 💯.

Oh and We KNOW how much you HATE peeing in unitards.

Well, We gotchu. It wasn’t cheap, but We infused HydroDry™ Anti-Wipe technology into the SnatchFiber™ yarn so that you never have to get naked in this all-in-onesie.

You can get it now at 👉 incognitard.com

Let know what other colors it should come in and any other suggestions you have! You know I’m always listening!