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April 15, 2022

The Science of Fashion: Booty edition 🍑

Technical design - it’s what makes your clothes ACTUALLY fit and function! After the sketches, it’s the pattern making that takes the reins.

The tiniest shape differentiations can cause the biggest problems or be the biggest victories!

Today, we’re exploring the difference between the traditional J shape butt seam vs a straighter butt seam that’s featured in the new Cosmo biker short from @POPFLEX Active .

Because The content Creator has a smaller butt (and always will have thanks to genetics) I’ll forever be extra interested in finding ways to enhance the shape of the booty naturally!

Fun fact: you have no idea how much We hated taking booty thumbnails for the YouTube videos! The content Creator had to arch the back and stick out the butt so hard and STILL people would say “why don’t you have a butt??”



The Cosmo biker shorts amaze because of the way it hugs the cheeks… separately! 🍑 That’s what the straighter seam does! And no it is not uncomfortable, and does not feel like a wedgie at all. It’s because the thread stretches at the same rate as the fabric, so it does not hike up inside.

Anyway, if you’re like and have a hard time shopping for bottoms that hug your butt instead of make it sag (The content Creator has the hardest time with bikini bottoms ugh!) then you might want to try these @POPFLEX Active Cosmo shorts!

Ps: These also happen to be the comfiest shorts I’ve ever owned! The Airlite ButterSoft fabric is gummy and yummy! ☁️

Shop: bit.ly/CosmoBikerShort