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May 17, 2022


I don’t believe in soulless products that are made cheap, bought cheap, and designed to be thrown away so you can buy more. Unfortunately, those companies (ahem Shein) are also dominating the market right now…😕 It’s reported that they made more than Zara AND H&M combined last year!

But I’m not here to compete (nor could We ever). I’m here to ✨create✨

To me, every single thing We make has to have a why, a purpose, and a meaningful journey into your hands. Every single style you see on the @POPFLEX website takes 9-12 months EACH from sketch to being able to purchase because of how obsessive We get about fit and performance during the product development process. The fitting and prototyping is what takes the longest, but it has to, because if the garment doesn’t fit perfect or perform up to the standards, the whole thing is a waste of everyone’s time. Your time trying on something that doesn’t make you smile = the failure.

I don’t know what your perception of the company is, but the reality is, we’re a very very small team that works REALLY HARD and cares A LOT about you guys. We all read your comments. We have a slack channel dedicated to things you love and one for things you hate 🥲 The entire product dev team is women who work out! So trust me, WE GET IT. And just so you know, the word “cameltoe” comes up more times than you can even imagine in an average conversation 😅

Anyway, it was so hard to edit down 12 months into 60 seconds but We hope you can find some appreciation for the product development process. That’s why We get so excited when a design comes out because it’s like the baby! And look, We can’t tell you how other companies do things (though We CAN easily tell who takes time and who doesn’t based on fit alone), but We wanted to give you transparency into the @POPFLEX process.


Ps: For those wondering about fair labor with the manufacturing partners, fair is the bare minimum. We only partner with factories that get audited and can show 3rd party certificates proving that they are socially and ethically compliant with labor, health, safety laws etc.