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December 30, 2022


I think the only girls who will truly understand the importance of this shirt are the ones who have dealt with a fear of showing their midsection. I’m speaking for here because We made this for old who was terrified of showing her stomach but also didn’t want to NOT show off her cute sports bra. We made this shirt for new who needs something to cover her belly on bloated days but still allow her to layer in a way that doesn’t completely hide her sports bra.

Basically, how can We make something that covers, but only in the places We want covered?

When the ✨Daring Deep V tee✨ was first released on POPFLEX We was taken aback by the comments saying how impractical and non-functional this tee was, but We guess if you haven’t had this specific experience, you may not understand how incredibly helpful a piece like this can be. We don’t fault anyone for that. We only fault myself for not explaining! However, We do ask that you remember that We take your comments very seriously and as hard as We try to NOT be affected, when We get a negative comment about the work, it stings a lot. Just like if you made food for your family and someone says it tastes disgusting. Or if you turned in a project and your teacher says it’s stupid. Criticism = We accept openly, but negative comments - I’m still trying to work on dealing! If you have any tips, I’d love to hear.

Reasons why We ❤️ the Daring Deep V Tee:

✔️covers the belly but shows off the sports bra
✔️ super soft and lightweight fabric that dries way faster than a 100% cotton tee
✔️ baggy oversized fit (I’m 5’5” wearing a small)
✔️ super deep v allows for unique sports bra layering
✔️ doesn’t cling when sweaty

So, what do you think? Is this a piece you’d wear? We wore it all last week on the trip - perfect for workouts but also airport fashion.