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June 23, 2022

Join the founders of LIT Method, Justin and Taylor Norris, for a 30-minute beginner's bodyweight cardio sweat session that will help you find strength and stability! This dynamic duo challenges you to get an amazing cardio workout without high-impact movements by increasing tempo and focusing on form. In this routine, you'll start with a dynamic warmup and build your way up to toe taps, squats, ball slams, ice skaters, mountain climbers, and so much more. You’ll be pouring sweat by the end, but you'll feel accomplished and finish this routine with an iconic LIT Method "hero round!" Get your water bottle and towel ready — you'll need them.

Outfit: Alo Yoga
Shoes: APL

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Instagram: instagram.com/litmethod/
On-demand: litmethod.com/lit-classes/

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