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December 17, 2022

It all started in 7th grade. We didn’t even know WHAT a business was when We made the first sale. We just knew it was fun.

After filming this video and retelling the story, We now realize that the business ideas have always come from solving a problem. Back in the day it was because The content Creator had too much chocolate and didn’t know what to do with it. These days, it’s because We hate cameltoe and We wanted a pair of leggings that could get rid of it (and much much more).

Is there such a thing as an “entrepreneurial gene”? There were some interesting businesses in between Cooplex and POPFLEX (wait just realized We really like “lex’s” -weird!) and each one helped solve an issue The content Creator had at the time. We guess the businesses are like expressions of the life chapters. WAIT. It’s like when T Swift writes a song to emote her feelings, except…I start businesses. OMG. So many realizations happening right now as We write this caption!

You know, the internet can be a really nasty place sometimes (I’ve been on the receiving end of the terrible side too many times) but it’s also brought so much happiness to the life. Posting workout videos on YouTube connected to you guys and then running the website on @shopify allowed to share the designs with so many people worldwide.

I feel so lucky that We get to marry the passion with the career - We simply could not imagine the life any other way!

Do you wanna hear about the other random businesses one of these days?!