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June 11, 2022

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I love rompers. When you don’t have to waste time matching your top to your shorts, getting naked on the toilet for a moment is no big deal 💁🏻‍♀️

Guys I’ve been wanting to make a workout romper for soooooooo long and I’m beyond excited to share with you the ✨Runsie✨ because it’s so friendly to wear!! We say that because We know onesies can be intimidating - showing every curve and bump - so it may not be your fave choice on a bloated day. But this POPFLEX Runsie you guys - OMG - the floofy run shorts are so comfy and totally bloat friendly while the snatch panel cinches you in!

Best part is - if you need more support just pair it with the Refine Bra! I’m a 32A and wear XS so We don’t need a second layer for running or high impact workouts - but if you do, it totally matches!

Btw - a note on sizing. This Runsie was designed in March 2021 and back then we were unsure if people would even like onesies. So we only made a limited range to experiment in the most popular sizes first. As you know product development takes a year or more, so even though now We KNOW we need to increase the size range to match the bras and bottoms (XS-3X) - product dev has begun but it’ll take a bit to appear on the website. The plus onesies will come but not for a while. I’m hoping to have the fit locked in by 2023! Earlier if we’re lucky! We’re still fit-testing. So thank you for understanding!

Tell what you think! Would you wear this?


Ps: today is launch day of Neon Garden on @POPFLEX!