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August 23, 2022

Shop the Go With the Bow cap bit.ly/go-with-the-bow

One of the hardest things about being a designer is trying to not take criticism personally.


When We pour the heart, soul, and body into every design EVERYTHING IS PERSONAL.

The reality is, that’s the natural reaction because these designs aren’t just things, they’re the babies. Babies that took 9-12 months to create! (So pretty much same thing right!!?!?) jk jk

However, We never let the ego steer the next move. That’s dangerous. What We actually do is allow myself time to feel anger, to feel sadness, and then when I’m able to return to an even emotional state, We look at the criticism with the angle of “how can We use this criticism to make a better product?”

So, with that said, We thank you for your feedback because it pushes to think harder and design better.

The new @POPFLEX By Blogilates ✨Go with the Bow High Ponytail Cap✨ is a direct creation of your comments.

You asked for:

- a softer top ✔️
- a higher pony hole ✔️
- a simpler design ✔️
- room to adjust for bigger heads ✔️

No one asked for a bow but We wanted it so 😁



Ps: This cap is live now on popflexactive.com @POPFLEX By Blogilates