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April 23, 2022

Tees. They have never looked good on. So, We tried to create the ✨perfect tee✨ for.

Finding the right tee is so hard because We want to be comfy and effortless but We still want to look feminine and stylish! Fitted ones look like they’re trying to hard and loose ones make look like a man.

Sooooooo this is what We did:

1. Got a SUPER soft and stretchy fabric that DRAPED like a DREAM ☁️, so it could still be loose and comfy but would show the curves as We move!

2. Upgraded the shape to a loose fit with a CURVED HEM to make the box look less boxy and more romantic. Plus didn’t want it stomach-bearing, so We long-cropped it, making it easier to wear.

3. Added stylish details like a rolled cuff and a stitch down the back. Didn’t want to overdo a simple tee but could not bear releasing a super basic design! You know. 😉 We needed quiet details. We needed something different, but subdued, so you could tell but couldn’t really tell.

I hope you like the @POPFLEX Active Perfect Tee! We love how it looks on the body and hope you feel the same! Comes in 3 colors and there’s a whole bundle too if you want to save some money! ✨
Shop here ➡️ bit.ly/shop-perfect-tee