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April 27, 2022

Raise your โœ‹ if you understand the post-workout sweaty sports bra struggle.

bras have been around forever but We find them to be clunky and armor like. Soooo wanted to take a stab at making a dainty cute one with functionality.

All you need to know is that itโ€™s got 3 HOOKS to ensure security! We saw this video on TikTok recently of a girl running on the treadmill and her zipper bra legit just slid down and the bra popped open! Omg!! Need to send her this!

Iโ€™m a 32A so Iโ€™m able to wear this for high impact workouts but if youโ€™re above a B cup Iโ€™d say this is at most a medium impact bra. (Weโ€™re currently working on the ultimate crazy high impact @POPFLEX Active bra - lots of testing - so please be patient if that is what youโ€™re holding out for!)

The Donโ€™t Sweat It Zip Bra comes in 3 colors (XS-3X): dark heather grey, black, and ivory. You can get it now bit.ly/dont-sweat-it-zip-bra

I hope you like! Let know what you think and what other functionality youโ€™re looking for in the perfect sports bra!