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July 20, 2022

Ugh. This was supposed to be a trend. Not make emotional. But the eyes are hurting from the tears I’m trying to push back in.

This is the sketch book from 6th grade. We drew for fun when We wasnt doing homework, studying or playing tennis. We designed dresses for the Barbie’s, dance recitals, Halloween, and even the friend’s prom dress later on in high school. All We EVER wanted was to be a fashion designer.

parents suppressed the dreams, in hopes of saving from a risky career, but back then, it completely broke the relationship. We felt so lost, hollow, and purposeless. The content Creator had so much anger in the heart for them.

I ended up sabotaging myself so We couldn’t take the MCAT, but still graduated with a degree in Biology, lived a short life in corporate fashion, took random Craigslist jobs, was an eBayer for a sec, taught Pilates on YouTube (while they were constantly asking “when are going back to school?”), and now…


I’m just so grateful. We can’t believe I’m getting to live little Cassey’s dream.

♥️Big Cassey
CEO + Head Designer of @POPFLEX and @blogilates