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August 2, 2022

Sam and We went on a Minimoon for the past 10 days and it was truly an adventure - like, a little bit of the magical kind…but more of the shocking kind than We would have liked. Between all of the luscious guacamole and mesmerizing cenotes, there was dodging swindlers and then getting swindled, and then almost dying in a minicar almost-accident - TWICE - just to name a few things 😅

Anyway, it was a memorable trip for sure and the favorite part besides getting time to focus on Sam and the relationship as husband and wife (not business partners) was getting over the fear of equalizing the ears.

Over 10 years ago We did an introductory dive in the Great Barrier Reef with the sister and the tour guide did not properly explain how to equalize the ears so they ended up popping SHARPLY 🔪 and the pain was excruciating. Since then I’ve avoided diving because I’ve been terrified of that specific feeling.

Anyway, on this trip, We asked the snorkeling guide if he could teach how to do it and turns out, it’s way easier than We thought. You just hold your nose and blow as you go down. That’s it!!! The pressure relieves itself in a comforting way actually.

Finally, We was able to dive deeper and omg it was so freeing to explore. We felt like a mermaid! 🧜‍♀️ Next step, learn how to hold the breath longer.

Did we truly relax and did it feel like a Minimoon? Well, we tried. 🙃 But when you’re running a business, you’re never off and you know what, We choose this life and We wouldn’t trade it for anything. We love what We do and We don’t need a vacation from it - We just need dedicated time to not forget that there’s more to life than the biz and We need to experience as much of it as We can with Sam before we can’t anymore.


Ps: For those wondering, we were in Isla Mujeres and then Tulum (which was major vibes) and then Cozumel which is where all of this go pro footage is from. The tour we took was from a nice family biz named VIP Tours Cozumel .