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December 11, 2022

Get the set bit.ly/3ULN3ck

Hello. The content Creator has entered the ☁️comfort era☁️ and Content Creator is never leaving.

Yes sports bras and leggings need to lift and sculpt and that tightness is perfect for performance wear - but sometimes We don’t wanna perform. We just want to lay on a cloud, dream, and let the softness to engulf the body.

You guys, this Cloudstretch fabric is the best fabric the body has ever experienced. The only way to describe it is ooey gooey. It’s thick and soft and stretchy and cozy - you’ll only truly understand once you feel it against your skin.

This is the first ever experiment into loungewear and We hoping We can do more in this category because it was so fun making chic looking clothes for the 🥔 days. And to be clear: just because We feel like We 🥔 does not mean We want to look like one too! We will be a cute 🥔!

What color is your fave?

📘Bookworm Blue
🩰 Ballet Slipper
◻️Light Heather Grey


PS: I’m wearing the @popflexactive S/M Ooey Gooey Mockneck Sweater with size S Ooey Gooey Lounge Shorts! Everything is very oversized but We like it that way so Content Creator is wearing the normal size.

The sweater and shorts range from XXS to 3X, and come in 4 colors! ✨Popflexactive.com✨