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July 29, 2022

Shop the Annual Sale bit.ly/popflex-annual-sale

So you know how the life mission is to get you to wear a onesie? Okay well this time, I’m putting it ON SALE (basically 40% off) so I’m giving you no choice but to push your boundaries and just give the @POPFLEX Shortsie a try!

I know. We know onesies are scary but We promise you, it’s only because a lot of them don’t contour a woman’s curves, therefore making you look like a big baby. 👶🏻 That’s why We made sure to carefully place seams and cutouts in certain places to help lift and lengthen your natural shape.

Btw, I’m still shocked that the pocket can hold a 64 Oz bottle! We didn’t bring the normal 40 Oz on this trip and Sam was like well put your 64 in there. And We was like are you crazy?? It’ll never fit. Well We proved myself SO wrong. ANDDDD it was actually full of water! Now We don’t suggest walking around with a full half gallon in your pocket but We AM saying that this is a serious pocket that can hold A LOT 👍

Ok we’ll go shop the @POPFLEX first ever ✨Annual Sale✨ happening right now, ends July 28th at midnight pst. Shortsie is only $50 (reg $80) and the bottle is $25 (reg $48).

Be smart and do your Christmas shopping now 😁

Enjoy!! Any questions…comment below! I’ll be answering as We sip the virgin pina colada on the beach 🍹

♥️ Cassey