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October 20, 2021

You can try these leggings at popflexactive.com/collections/basics/products/ultimate-hourglass-legging-with-pockets-black

Things that annoy about leggings:

1️⃣ When they give cameltoe.
2️⃣ When they don’t have pockets.
3️⃣ When they pinch.
4️⃣ When they make look like a box.
5️⃣ When they’re see through.

Guys, We think I’m getting close. Like, REALLY CLOSE to creating the perfect pair with the latest version of the Popflex Active Utimate Hourglass Leggings.

I mean…did you see what these pockets can hold!?!? We accidentally discovered that the leggings could hold the 40 Oz bottle the other night when We was walking upstairs holding 10,000 things and Sam was already asleep so there was no one to help! We actually shocked myself because it was never really the intention, but hey! We guess POPFLEX leggings can now hold tumblers and oversized water bottles! 😂

Any other features We should add!? Will you give it a try and tell what you think? Always on a journey to improve and would love your feedback!

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