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May 17, 2022

Get the yoga mat: bit.ly/3MjDI8e
Is she thicc enough? 👀

For a while now, some of you guys have been complaining about sensitive joints and how sometimes you have to double up mats to protect your knees/back/tailbone. The POPFLEX 6mm vegan suede yoga mat has been around for several years now and is the best selling mat! That’s reason enough for most companies to not change a thing - if you’re just looking at the data…

But here’s the thing. Numbers don’t tell you the whole story. Listening does.

I love that you guys are always telling what’s bothering you in the comments because your problems are the next projects. The content Creator has so much fun tackling each problem and trying to figure out how to turn it into a quality product - it honestly feels like a puzzle. And when We can figure it out, man! It’s like a reward (spoken in TikTok)

I hope the new ✨CloudCushion✨ POPFLEX mat brings marshmallow happiness to your joints. It’s so soft, We just want to sink into it all day long!

You can get it now at popflexactive.com.


Ps: the first design of CloudCushion was inspired by the honeymoon in BoraBora. We saw some of the most amazing stars there…ugh…I love stars. We want to book a trip to the darkest place on earth just to stargaze. Anyone else obsessed with stars?🌌