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October 19, 2022

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Middle school PE. Ugh We can vividly remember how much anxiety We got when it was time for the “captains” (aka the fastest, most athletic boys in class) to pick teams. We prayed so hard that We wouldn’t be picked last, but it didn’t help. No one wanted. We know it’s just PE, but being last pick made feel ashamed, unworthy and like We didn’t belong.

Then mile days. We dreaded “The Mile” so much. Again, the competitive nature of the activity (which honestly was a race) gave so much anxiety. You know, it’s all fun for the ones who are naturally fast, but for - We can still remember struggling to finish the mile while feeling like hot soup was boiling in the lungs as the classmates were looking on and judging.

And of course, we can’t forget to talk about PE clothes. Eeeww We do not like being told what to wear, especially when the thing I’m forced to wear I’m also being forced to pay for ANDDDD it looks so bad because it’s not made with the (female) body in mind.

All of this combined made hate PE and associate all exercise in general with negative feelings.

It wasn’t until high school that We discovered Pilates through an informercial (who remembers Mari Windsor Pilates DVDs!?) and had the realization that fitness wasn’t about competing with others, it was about being better than who you were yesterday. The competition was only between you and yourself!

From there, We decided to get certified as a Pilates instructor in college, We began teaching at gyms, and then started a YT channel all based around making fitness fun!

You know, We strongly believe that if PE could offer group exercise and allow students to wear whatever made them feel confident to move, a lot more girls would have a healthier, more positive relationship with exercise earlier on in life. We know for it would have made all the difference.


Ps: I’m wearing the@POPFLEX By Blogilates shruggie, peekaboo shortsie, and that’s the Belladonna gym bag!