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June 7, 2022

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It’s the #200ABCHALLENGE!! YOU IN!??

I want you to commit 200 reps a day for the next 20 days. That’s it. Think you can do it?

100 reps of abs and 100 reps of heart pumping cardio to give you a perfect mix of strength building and fat burning!

Comment ✨YES✨ if you’re in!

Now a moment for the Why’s behind this challenge:

1. We want you to find a routine you can stick to.

2. We want you to find the fun in being consistent.

3. This challenge will build your core strength with the ab exercises, and will also help you lean out with the cardio exercises.

4. It’s been a while since we’ve all done something together, and We felt like we needed a Summer Challenge to motivate all again!

REAL TALK ON ABS: Seeing those coveted ab lines is due to a lower body fat % esp. in the midsection. Some people are genetically “gifted” with lower body fat and a higher metabolism and their abs will show faster than others, no matter they eat. Some people have to diet down hard and be in a caloric deficit to lower their body fat enough to see abs. And others may be working out really hard, eating very little, and still will hold onto fat because of hormonal things, stress, and medical history. So. We say all this so that you can understand that seeing abs is a different journey for every person!

The ab exercises in this challenge will 100% make your abs stronger! The cardio will help you burn fat, but if you’re not seeing the results you want, pay attention to what you’re eating and do this challenge on top of your regular workout!

You can find the 200 ab challenge graphic in the app BODY By Blogilates and you can follow the challenge with videos in there for free! Link to download the app is in the bio.

Yay! Let’s all start Monday! You ready!?!?