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September 5, 2022

Shop all gym bags: bit.ly/black-bag-restock

The first real thing We ever designed and sold was a bag. This was 13 years ago when We was in college, majoring in Biology but designing bags on the side. Back then We knew nothing. Like, zero. We thought bags had to have standard sizes regulated by some higher governing body or something. The content Creator had NO CLUE what We was doing, but you know what? We ended up figuring it out because when you want something really bad, you do whatever it takes to push through.

Today is an exciting day because the @POPFLEX By Blogilates gym bags and backpacks are finalllyyyyyy back in stock! Thank you for being patient. These things just take a long time because everything sort of starts over when We decide to do a restock: fabric production, the sewing process, and shipping which is still affected by the Covid supply chain issues - yes, stilllll lingering now more than 2 years later!

Anyway, brought black back first because apparently that is everyone’s favorite color. We get it. It’s safe, it matches everything and it doesn’t get dirty.

Any questions on the bags? Ask away and I’ll answer in the comments!

♥️ Cassey

Ps: The video features the Belladonna Duffle and the Ella Duffle. Both have:

✔️ secret yoga mat holders
✔️ waterproof shoe compartment
✔️ key ring clip
✔️ laptop holder - safely holds the 13.5” MacBook
✔️ water bottle holders (fits a half gallon 64 Oz!)
✔️ made of waterproof neoprene fabric
✔️ tons of extra pockets inside and outside
✔️ fully lined

You can get them now on popflexactive.com