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October 8, 2022

Grab these sliders at Target: bit.ly/3rGJKZ0

It’s true. We haven’t posted a workout video in a long time. And you know what? It’s been nice. Nice because it’s the first time in 13 years of being online that no one has said something mean about the body.

Posting that first video in 2009, We was so scared that someone would comment on the form. But it wasn’t the technique they were after, it was the way We looked. It’s sad that what started out as very simply teaching Pilates to the students turned into an open forum for body shaming.

Why don’t you have abs?
Why is your butt flat?
Why do you have hip dips?
You’re getting fat.
You’re too skinny.
You don’t look like other trainers.
Where’s your muscle?
Now you look like a man.
Your workouts must not work if you look like that.
If you cared about your career, you’d lose weight.

Stepping away momentarily from the fitness industry has made realize what a toxic environment The content Creator had been living in daily. No more people pushing their ideologies down the throat and telling how We should look or how We should eat or how stupid Content Creator is for not listening to them. In fact, this hiatus has given the space and breathing room to renurture the relationship with food, fitness, and the body. With the negative chatter silenced, We can now focus on what the body is telling We need. Not what other people are yelling at about.

I’ve been having so much fun spending the time driving the product development forward as both @POPFLEX By Blogilates and Blogilates brands are growing rapidly. I’m in a major design groove and feel so in alignment. These days, it feels weird to not be afraid to open the comments. Before I’d have to take a deep breath and brace the body for the hurtful and sometimes hateful comments.

Anyway, here’s the first workout video in a looooong time. Let’s see how this goes.


Ps: sliders are the new Blogilates ones at @Target You can get ‘em online at target.com or in store! If you don’t have sliders, use towels on hardwood or paper plates on carpet!