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June 7, 2022

Grab the Shortsie: bit.ly/3x7xGl1

I didn’t even know it but as We was reviewing the footage We was like omg wait WHY ARE MY THIGHS SHAKING SO HARD!?!

Whenever your body does something it’s not used to, it’s a challenge for it! So yes, even though I’ve been weight lifting for a few months, doing heavy squats and hip thrusts etc, because The content Creator had not been doing elevated plie squats - the body was like wait hold on.

I’m a huge believer of cross training. That’s how you’ll build your strongest, most flexible, most balanced body.


Ps: Shortsie from @POPFLEX socks We got for free when We bought a sweater from a brand We found on IG but forgot it’s name at this point.