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May 23, 2022

Perfection doesn’t exist. And I’m not just talking about self image. I’m talking about public perception too.

When the body became the billboard (as more eyes fell upon the YouTube channel), the narrative around it changed to match the story people wanted to tell.

A short timeline:

1. 2009: Started posting workout videos.

2. Early 2010s: “She’s too fat to be a trainer.”

3. Body positive movement.

4. “So inspirational that someone with a body like hers can be a trainer.”

5. 2019: Went on the 90 day journey to get in the best shape of the life - mentally and physically.

6. “She’s a bad role model. A complete hypocrite. She’s mentally disordered. A shame to all women!!!!”

7. Lost weight. Found myself.

8. 2020’s: “She’s looks so weak and skinny.”

I want to be clear that over the past 12 years, way more positive has happened than negative, but as a human, and an emotional one, it’s not easy to ignore what’s being said about. So unfortunately, it takes up space in the brain and this timeline shows those moments that impacted in that way.

Anyway, I’m always trying to work on not caring what people have to say because they don’t know the story, the journey, or the body. They have no right to strip of the happiness or invalidate the strength.

So yeah… what you see isn’t always what you get… especially If you ain’t seeing clearly.