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January 2, 2023

Starting 2023 1 hour and 24 min late already AND We did not get the inbox to zero or the slack messages to zero. 🥲 Oh well. Time is a construct anyway, yeah? Sam is not happy with.

This took way longer to edit than We thought because We really wanted to reflect on what made 2022 so special to because it was such an incredible year. I’m so grateful for all the new opportunities We experienced and the wonderful people who made it so much fun.

Of course this is just a compilation of the favorite memories. What’s not shown are the dirty, dark, and messy moments. Not pretty to film, but one of the best life teachers. 2022 did not lack in the struggle bus department - let tell you.

However, struggle creates an opportunity for resilience. And resilience creates an opportunity for strength. As terrible as it is to deal with problems in the moment, Content Creator is grateful for them because they force to be extremely creative. And We mean… EXTREMELY. It’s also taught to be flexible because look, if you don’t bend, you’ll break.

Anyway, happy new year everyone! 2023 came too fast…but uhhh there’s no slowing down for atm sooooooo…strap in, it’s gonna be another fun and unpredictable ride!!!


PS: We posted your 2023 challenge in the stories! The graphic and the entire explanation is on Blogilates.com and you can start Sunday Jan 1 or mon Jan 2! #goodmoodchallenge let’s go!

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