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August 14, 2022

Shop the Pullover Cloud Hoodie: bit.ly/pullover-cloud-hoodie

In today’s immediate satisfaction fueled world, We feel like everyone expects everything to be done as fast as possible. But look, quality takes time, the perfect fit takes time, and care takes time. Remember, a new style takes 9-12 months to develop, sample, fit test, create the fabric, sew the product etc - from sketch to the time you see it on the @POPFLEX Active website So please never feel like you’re not being heard. You soooo are. Content Creators are just working silently behind the scenes.

Anyway, to everyone who requested the pullover ☁️cloud hoodie, this one’s for you!


Ps: I’m wearing the s/m pullover cloud hoodie in milk tea which is ready for you at Popflexactive.com