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January 16, 2023

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For the past 13 years, every January we’d do some type of a fitness challenge, but as you’ve probably noticed, this past year, it’s been different. We ended up not posting any long form workouts after Jan 2022 not because We planned to stop, but because We was following what felt good. And honestly, what felt good was going on the 90 Day Journey to muscle.

I was so excited to be reclaiming the bikini bodybuilding journey (those of you who have been with for a while know how the 2012 bikini competition wrecked the eating habits and body image). We was having such a beautiful time lifting, writing, cooking, and tracking the progress. But then of course, something The content Creator had set out to do for just me, ended up being an opportunity for people to tear down. Severely. Buff gym dudes and their meat head minions decided to monetize off of the journey and get views off the content by filming degrading videos about. We tried so hard to “not care” and “not let it bother me” but the truth is, Content Creator is who Content Creator is and Content Creator is a sensitive human who feels, and feels a lot.

Anyway, after the 90 Day Journey, We didn’t have anymore mental toughness to withstand the ridicule. The fitness industry can be such a toxic place when your end up in front of the wrong audience. So, We did what felt good. We dove deep into what made happy – what lifted – and that was designing, building the business, and building the team.

The past year has been one of the happiest, and its because We followed what felt better and We left behind what didn’t. Now, to be clear – fitness is still absolutely 100% part of the life. We just needed a private space to take back something that We loved so much without any judgement.

Anyway, all of that to help explain the origins of the 2023 challenge. We wanted to do something that felt more whole – more than just fitness. Because feeling fulfilled and finding your joy is what this life is all about isn’t it?

I’m so excited to share with you the 30 Day Good Mood Challenge. It’s all about doing one small thing a day that gets you to feel good so you can access your joy.

You in?

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