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December 3, 2022

The lymphatic system is slowly getting more and more attention and rightfully so because it is the most powerful filtering system in the body that gets ignored and neglected. There are some amazing deep detox techniques from Eastern and Osteopathic medicine that We will teach you in the 8 Pillars of a Weight Loss program.

Here are some fun facts:
🔸 if you’re having lymphatic issues, you’re having blood circulation and gut issues
🔸most people have lymphatic issues because they never address it and the accumulation of metabolic waste happens to everyone over time.
🔸you will have a very hard time losing weight if this system is not working properly because your cells can’t breathe, renew and your nutrient absorption is very low
🔸 it causes fatigue, and weight gain because the body has to protect the vital systems from the stored toxins
🔸if you’ve been overweight for a while, exercise will only make you feel awful and worse if you can’t naturally detox
🔸anything you eat turns into more metabolic waste. And if you have lymph issues, your body can’t get rid of it. This is why you’re having issues losing weight even when you’re eating healthy

🔸doing the techniques for detoxing your body and helping your lymphatic system will completely change your life because it will dramatically increase your energy, decrease inflammation, and weight loss will no longer be an issue. Your cells will be able to breathe and absorb nutrients. You will actually feel great after a workout. You’ll have better circulation, no more brain fog and you might even get rid off chronic pain because your body will get rid off tension that irritates your nervous system.

This is all supported by science. However this isn’t anything new. Only that the western medicine is finally starting to catch up. You’ll see this topic more and more. Pay attention because this will become as big as Keto.

You can be one the first people to learn these techniques and be way ahead of the curve if you sign up for the 8 Pillars of Weight Loss Program

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