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September 17, 2022

Get the mat bit.ly/popflex-cloudcushion-mat-b

I cannot believe I’ve been making yoga mats for over a decade!? Below, a timeline of evolution because there is no time for stagnation. Only time for improvement:

2013: This was when We made 3mm neoprene mats in bright colors with motivational sayings! Who remembers these? At this point in time, We only understood how to silkscreen a single color on the surface.

2015: To help cushion your joints, We doubled the thickness of the neoprene mats to 6mm and found a way to digitally print multi colors on the surface! This allowed for much more design creativity. However, slippage was still an issue We needed to tackle.

2017: We played around with many new surface materials, but when We tested “vegan suede” We knew The content Creator had landed on something really special. The microfiber fabric not only gets grippier as your hands get sweatier, but it also allows for very beautiful and precise multicolored prints that don’t shed!

The @POPFLEX By Blogilates vegan suede yoga mat became a staple and I’ve released numerous designs over the past 6 years. It felt good to finally have something that didn’t need changing.

Last year, you guys started asking for something even thicker and We was like ummmm…

but like how thick??

2022: We took your feedback and made the THICCEST yoga mat to ever exist in the @POPFLEX By Blogilates mat family…the Cloudcushion vegan suede yoga mat at HALF AN INCH THICCCCC.

Today I’m releasing a new design based off of the love for all things iridescent and prismatic. We could just look at this print forever. It’s so dreamy.

Thank you for always being vocal about what you like and don’t like. We love reading your comments and testing out new prototypes, so don’t ever be shy about telling what problems you’re having. I’m a solutions gal, so solving probs is like a fun game for 🙂

What do you think of the new Cloudcushion mat!?


Ps: you can get this right now on Popflexactive.com and OMG it’s so marshmallowy ☁️