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December 3, 2022

Get ready to challenge yourself with fitness trainer Amanda Butler, who will be leading this 10-minute HIIT workout joined by Jimmy Robles and Ellie Aviles! In this routine, you’ll get your heart rate up starting with jumping jacks and a quick warmup to get your body ready for the work ahead. Butler will make you sweat with tough but efficient moves like jump squats, lateral high knees, and mountain climbers to help you get the most of the time you've got! In just 10 minutes, you’ll complete this HIIT circuit that also includes a rewarding cooldown. These exercises are great on their own or as a satisfying add-on to a longer workout. All you need is a mat to get started!

Butler's outfit: Old Navy
Shoes: APL

Robles's outfit: Alo
Shoes: APL

Aviles's outfit: Old Navy
Shoes: APL

Find more from the trainers:
Butler: instagram.com/backpack_belle/
Robles: instagram.com/jimmyyrobles/
Aviles: instagram.com/helloellieaviles/?hl=en

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