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August 24, 2022

Get ready to work out with fitness trainer Rachel McClusky, who will be leading this 10-minute, no-equipment arm workout joined by Alexis Moore and Luisa Fonseca! In this highly energized standing arm series, you'll work on arm circles, cardio arms with low-impact options, shoulder presses with jacks, and so much more. This quick and efficient routine will boost your overall mood! You'll be sure to complete this bodyweight routine with a smile on your face.

McClusky is the creator of the Recharge Method and a NASM-certified trainer who's taught cycling, boxing, strength training, and more. Her mission is to help people connect to their intention and purpose through movement that feels amazing.

McClusky's outfit: Uniqlo
Shoes: APL

Moore's outfit: Girlfriend Collective
Shoes: APL

Fonseca's outfit: Target
Shoes: APL

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