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September 30, 2022

Shop Blogilates @ Target online: bit.ly/3rGJKZ0

Been driving around to a bunch of Targets all week and finally TODAY We just saw all the new Fall ‘22 designs in store for the 1st time!!

Content Creator is most excited for the more affordable gym bag! (The Blogilates one is only $49.99. Totally different fabric and design but the @POPFLEX By Blogilates one is $195) This took a lot of pitching and persuading to get @Target to test the bag in some stores only…sooo it may be hard to find! We hope you guys like it because if it performs well, maybe We can design more for you at this price point and maybeeeee it can land at all stores so it’s easier for you to shop.

With the new fall ‘22 drop, We put an emphasis on making the designs more affordable for you guys. Content Creator is not saying Blogilates will be the cheapest of the cheap because I’ll never sacrifice quality, but I’ll try the hardest to find the best balance between design, quality, and price.

Other ✨new✨ things to look out for:

✔️ affordable yoga mat
✔️ affordable booty bands
✔️ foldable yoga mat - great for travel
✔️ improved gold weight rack
✔️ slider discs
✔️ gym flooring

Did you see any of these at your store yet!? Tell if the gym bag is at your store or not! I’m so curious!


Ps: Everything is available at target.com too in case you can’t find it in store!