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December 3, 2022

Get the 2023 Fit Planner: bit.ly/3Envb2N

I’ve been making Fit Planners for 10 YEARS!? 👵🏻

Looking at the planners all together, We can vividly remember specific events that helped to build into who Content Creator is today…

2014: As We was recovering from 0rth0rexia and b0dy dysm0rphia, We continued to post workout videos while gaining weight on camera. The terrible comments about the body shredded the confidence into pieces.

2015: Took those body shaming comments and in a video, photoshopped myself to look like what they wanted to look like. We released “The Perfect Body.” The video went viral was featured on GMA, Today Show, CNN etc.

2016: Launched @popflex_active! Finally the dreams of becoming a fashion designer were finally coming true…or so We thought.

2017: Got engaged to Sam! Everything was a dream until it wasn’t. dreams started fading into the reality of bad manufacturing partners, toxic hires, and a resurgence of more body shaming that led to completely losing myself. We was ready to end it all.

2018: Started with a panic attack, but 2018 gifted with Sir George, buying the dream house, and having the dream wedding!

2019: 90 day journey. It started with a lot of backlash, but it didn’t matter, because We found myself again. We cleared the old and made room for the new.

2020: The Pandemic hit. Shut down the office and began working remotely. In 2020, POPFLEX was ✨REBORN✨. We figured out most of the problems that almost killed in 2016-2019. Blogilates launched at Target.

2021: Expanded the team nationally with some of the kindest most talented people ever. Built a work culture that made happy and inspired to be a better leader. Began designing more than ever.

2022: I’m flowing. I’m bursting with creativity. I’m full of purpose, passion, and We CANNOT stop. Finally, We feel in alignment, surrounded by good people. Content Creator is having so much fun building! We made the INC5000 list.


What will it hold? In the soul, We know that next year will be a year of exploration and experimentation. Will it work? Who knows. But I’m going to try.

Any q’s on the 2023 Fit Planner? Just ask! These go FAST so order now or else 👀