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January 16, 2023

Shop Twirl Dress: bit.ly/3IEXNah

She’s changed.

And We think you’re gonna like her 😉

Took several months to make small changes to the @popflexactive Twirl Dress because We don’t just restock things to restock things. We take time to make them better. Ready for Gen 2?

Here’s what We changed:

✔️ made the total torso and skort a teensy longer for slightly more coverage
✔️ increased the length of the inner shelf bra to help accommodate larger boobs
✔️ removed the front seam so it’s truly anti-🐫

Here’s what We kept:

✔️waist snatching drawstring
✔️circle skirt for ultimate twirlability

I’m wearing sz XS but I’m normally a small. We just like the dresses extra tight and short 😘 It’s avail right now on popflexactive.com! I’m wearing the color “peppercorn”.


Ps: We need to go take the heels 👠 classes again! We recorded this 20 second dance like 25 times and kept running out of moves somehow.