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January 26, 2023

Growing up, there were so many things about the ethnicity that made feel ashamed.

The fact that the parents had an accent.

The fact that the lunch looked and smelled different than the classmates.

The fact that We spoke a different language at home.

All of these things made feel like an other, an outsider, when all We wanted was to do was blend in with the “real”, “American” kids who could afford to eat lunchables for lunch.

But one of the things We hated most about myself was the last name:


It was 6th grade. We remember the snickering in the locker room. Girls talking about the weight. Taunting about the unshaved hair on the legs and arms. Then the multiple times the popular girls would walk up to asking why We was “such a hoe.” TBH, We was so innocent then that We didn’t even understand why they were comparing to a garden tool.

It wasn’t until the parents moved the family to Union City, CA that everything changed. We remember walking into the first assembly and having a complete culture shock. Everyone had dark hair and dark eyes. They looked like me, talked like me, ate like me, and We didn’t feel like The content Creator had to explain anything. It was in high school that We finally allowed myself to embrace the Vietnamese and Chinese cultures, instead of rejecting them.

Today, We carry so much pride behind the name because I’ve fought so hard for myself. We feel bad for ever feeling ashamed of the roots. parents escaped a war torn country in the 70s to give and the sister an opportunity to succeed, and We wouldn’t be where We am, literally living out the dreams, without their sacrifices.

Although We wish you all a happy Lunar New Year, I’m sad that the the year had to start off the way it did. Last night, a mass shooting in Monterey Park - a predominantly Chinese neighborhood. 10 dead. 10 injured. On what’s supposed to be the happiest celebration of the year for the community. Please stay safe and tell your loved ones you love them.

Chuc Mung Nam Moi 🧧
Gung Hay Fat Choi 🎊


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