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June 12, 2022

Check out the podcast: bit.ly/3N3pCIO

Marisa Peer is one of the most recognised hypnotherapists in the world, motivational speaker, best selling author and creator of RTT - Rapid Transformational Therapy. Marisa spent over 30 years working with people including celebrities, actors, directors, rockstars, professional and Olympic athletes, CEO's and even royalty.

Her new book: amazon.com/Tell-Yourself-Better-Lie-Transformational/dp/1544525028
Her new program: dietlesslife.com/dietless-life-v
Website: marisapeer.com

Here are some of the questions We asked:
- What is RTT and why is it so powerful?
- How can we develop a high level of self confidence even if we've been feeling inadequate the entire life?
- How can we use the power of the mind to overcome challenges during difficult times?
- What are the most common causes of depression and how to address them?
- How do we deal with past hurt or trauma that happened years ago and is still affecting us?
- What advice would you give to someone that hasn't been following their dreams because of self doubt and lack of self confidence?

Having Marisa on the podcast is a dream come true because for becoming an RTT therapist and train with her in person has been absolutely transformational. You can check out the RTT page zuzkalight.com/rapid-transformational-therapy/
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