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October 4, 2021

Be still, and know yourself better. In a world of constant bustle, hustle, and grind, there is still opportunity to cultivate balance and influence the experience of the world in a positive and meaningful way. This is a practice for mental health, and spiritual wellbeing - a gift for both mind and body. Stillness can be challenging, but that is why this is a practice. Join me, practice dropping in, and welcome clarity and peace now.

This meditation session is a beautiful way to start or end your day. It is also excellent post active workout or when you may have a turbulent mind and could use a break, a breath of fresh air.

This gentle mindfulness practice is a gift and it’s here for you. You are invited to slow down, experience peace, and just be.

Please share with someone who you think may benefit from this peaceful practice, and let’s create a ripple from stillness together. Let know how this practice experience goes for you in the comments!

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Key Moments:
0:00 Surrender to stillness intro
1:20 find a comfortable position
3:15 body scan
3:52 bring awareness to the breath
6:17 invitation back to the present moment
6:32 body scan
12:40 drop deeper into stillness
13:42 begin to find some small movements
14:30 gratitude check in
15:15 close the meditation, feel amazing

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